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Daily Prayer courtesy of The Church of England.

© The Archbishops Council

To enable the children to know God and to take their part in the life of the church.

To help them to grow in an understanding and love for the Bible and the traditions of the Church.


To support the children in developing their own spirituality through age appropriate activities.

If we want our children to know God, then we must INSPIRE them to want to know God. So we strive to:


Instruct them in what the Bible says and God demands.

Nurture their faith by listening and responding sensitively.

Support them in finding the words to pray and to worship.

Pray for them every day.

Identify with them.

Recognise our reliance on God touching them.

Encourage them to put their developing faith into action.

The Session

The session is made up of two parts:

Prayer and Worship



We want our children to learn to be able to talk to God and to know that He wants them to talk to Him about things that are important to them.

We want our children to learn to pray for each other.


The children learn songs and learn to understand what it is they are singing about.


The lessons are carefully planned to match the readings from the Church Lectionary.

We recognise that children have different preferred learning styles, and this is catered for through

Godly Play

Performing Arts

Creative Arts

Sunday School takes place during the 10.15 a.m. service each week. If your child is 5 or over and you would like them to join with the other children, have a word with one of the Sunday School teachers or one of the people on the door.